A great landscape cannot start without a solid plan. It is our goal to create a landscape design that incorporates all of the customers wishes, while providing a sustainable and environmentally friendly space to enjoy the outdoors.

Softscape, or plantings, are what makes us stand out. Our landscapes combine a variety of trees, shrubs, perennials and groundcovers that beautify and enhance your outdoor space.

Foundation plantings are the plantings that are directly around your home. Maybe they are inside your walkways or planted around your house or garage. In any case, using the right plants in the right places can provide many years of beauty without the struggle of trimming or pruning your plants. When we design and plant, we are cognizant of your windows and doors, your homes decorative features and walkways, driveways, basement entries and more.

Lawn and tree plantings are designed with a specific goal. Screening undesirable views, providing shade on sunny parts of the house, drawing birds to the landscape and creating outdoor spaces to gather are all considered during the design and installation of your landscape.

Installing plants is a little more than just preparing a hole in the ground. Proper planting includes loosening the roots of the plant, adding compost or additional topsoil, watering with root stimulating fertilizers and removal of string, tags, plastic or tie rope. Proper planting also means trees and shrubs set just about the ground level, not planted too deep or set out of the ground looking like a volcano.

Maintaining landscapes is not just as simple as throwing on mulch. Each plant has a different pruning time frame and each plant may have different needs in regards to fertilizer, staking or tying. We carefully consider these things and provide your plants the very best care. When disease strikes, we can diagnose your problem or place you in touch with experts in the field of disease care.

Our landscapes are designed for the test of time and we want you to enjoy your landscape everyday!