Landscape Features

Every landscape is different, but to truly make a landscape yours, added features make the landscape personal.

Ponds have become popular with active gardeners. Ponds will draw you in and allow you to be a part of nature. With natural stones, wood, waterfalls, plants and fish, everything about a pond feels natural.

Pergolas, trellis, arbors and other garden structures give a place for vines to climb, birds to sit and a place to put some shade overhead. These structures range from poly materials, wood and iron, each with a different texture and look.

Pondless waterfalls are not exactly new, but they are gaining in popularity. With no standing water, your dog can grab a drink without the worry of slipping into a pool of water. You have all the noise and look of a waterfall, but no large pool at the end. Other items can be used to create pondless water features, such as a fire hydrant or an old water pump. Being creative makes it all yours.