Do you ever look out of your window or door and think, I wish I had a place to sit and enjoy the weather? For Green Arbor Landscape, hardscaping is more than just brick, block and stone. Hardscaping is our way to give you the outdoor room you deserve for relaxing or enjoying nature.

With so many great products on the market today, we design hardscapes to fit everyone's needs and budgets. Maybe you desire a quaint patio to sip coffee on or you would love to have a fire pit to gather family around in the evenings. From patios to driveways, fire pits to fireplaces and sitting walls to retaining walls, we provide you with a space to enjoy.

Patios today have no limits. Pavers are mixed with multiple colors and textures to give each space a custom look. Pavers mix with plantings and water features to provide a very personal outdoor space that brings you right into nature.

Is the slope too much to mow or maintain? A retaining wall does not have to be plain concrete anymore. Retaining wall blocks and components have changed drastically and can be used to create additional seating on your patio, a surround to hide refuse cans or even to create steps into your doorways. If you always wanted a level space for your shed, garden or patio, using a retaining wall will solve the problem.

There are so many more features that go along with hardscapes. Pergolas and trellis can give you shade in a sunny area. Enjoy the sounds of running water with a pond or even a pondless waterfall feature. Fountains and bird baths are all elements that compliment your outdoor space!

All of our hardscapes are built to last and we want you to relax and enjoy the new outdoor space.